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The debut album

Settle down, class, settle down. Holy fudge, it's my debut album.

First of all, here's the album art work. Feel free to save it and keep it next to the downloaded tracks if you're like that. Or print it off to make your own CD case.

It's called Lowly Works, after Lowly Worm, the ubiquitous character from Richard Scarry books.

It's got eight tracks because that's how many tracks Mixcloud require to make a mix. Also, it's the number of tracks the Mercury Prize jury classifies as an album. It's pretty much a bare minimum in this blurred world of distractions.

There are several ways to enjoy it. All for free.

Via Soundcloud
Unfortunately, only seven of the eight tracks are available. The reproduction of Donald Byrd's Cristo Redentor, in the mashup Last Redentor, was not allowed.
So, 87.5% of Lowly Works can all be downloaded from Soundcloud here.
Also, the individual tracks on this blog are now available to download for free.
Or, save yourself the bother with this handy object:

Lowly Works by IronicHide

Via Tindeck
I only started using Tindeck as it was the preferred audio filesharing site of the ZooFights crew. Hence, you'll be able to find all my ZooFights mashups under my profile there, too.
Again, the entire album of Lowly Works can be downloaded from Tindeck here, or individually:

Via Last.fm
Originally, the whole album would have first been available through last.fm and Last Redentor was available there for about five minutes back in February 2011. Then I changed my mind for reasons I can't remember, which is no reflection on the site or their exceedingly helpful staff.
All eight tracks of Lowly Works can be found on last.fm here.

Via Mixcloud
I've been using Mixcloud to put out some longer, ADHD mixes for ZooFights and it seemed only fitting that I squidged all of Lowly Works into one long mess and stick it up there.
It's not downloadable but please be sure to give the exclusive extended mix of Lowly Works a listen here.

Or using this handy object:

Via Blogger
Here's the individual entries for all eight tracks of Lowly Works in album order, not the order of release or blogging:

Marvin Gaye v Fugazi - Waiting On
Blackalicious v Elmer Bernstein - Sky Is Bust
The Beach Boys v Gorillaz - Sloop Clint E
Mary Wells v Lauren Garnier - My Red Face
Donald Byrd v Herbet - Last Redentor
Billie Holliday v The Smashing Pumpkins - End My Thrill
Slayer v Roni Size / Reprazent - Brown Blood
Ministry v Klaxons v Grace - Burning Over

Fun facts:

The original and ironic idea was that the very first mashup I would publish would be Last Redentor, followed by End My Thrill, Sky Is Bust and Burning Over. All mashups using terms that suggest finality, in case you didn't get the joke.

The first track released was Burning Over, which was the oldest of all these tracks but not quite the first mashup I ever made. That you'll just have to wait for.

Both Burning Over and End My Thrill were made over the best part of four years. By contrast, some of the mashups for ZooFights were made in under an hour. And are probably of an equal standard.

In (rough) order of which they were made the mashups are Burning Over, Brown Blood, Last Redentor, My Red Face, End My Thrill, Sky Is Bust, Sloop Clint E and Waiting On. The first four were largely made in my basement lounge in South Ealing, then one in Boston Manor, one in my bedroom in Brentford, and the final two in my Willesden kitchen.

The first six mashups were produced at the same time as my super-secret concept album, available here some time in 2012. The last two mashups were made alongside the ZooFights soundtrack.

All tracks were made using Audacity. It's free, open source, does its job quite well but crashes repeatedly like an infuriating and drunken house guest.

The artwork was hastily cobbled together from a combination of Photoshop, Gimp and paint.net. None of which I would endorse over the others.

Enjoy. Or don't. It's free. And it's meant to be fun.