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Well, hello.

You look tired. Come on, sit down. Pull up something comfortable and take off something that isn't.

Have you been hitting the gym? You look good. Are those new shoes? And how is everything?

Really, that's great.

Now that we are so well acquainted, please indulge me. This is where I'll be keeping the mashups I make, along with a story of how they came about and probably a pic cobbled together in desktop imaging software.

Enjoy. Or don't. Just let me know where you think I've gone wrong and how I might be going right. Please, always with a smile on your face. There's one on mine.

So, the latest Parish Notices:

The first album is called Lowly Works and is out NOW GODDAMMIT NOW. Seven of the eight tracks (made over the last four years) on it are already available here on the blog and on my Soundcloud account. The whole thing is available for download in a variety of flavours from here, as well as in a single mix from my Mixcloud account.

I have recently been making some mashups for the lovely ZooFights website. All of these are up on the blog, using Tindeck to host them, and available to download, one at a time, once ZooFights have had a use of them.

All of them can be found here. Totally free to download, too.

As yet, I'm not certain how I'll draw all this work together. The rough idea is my favourite tracks will get piled together to form an album of sorts and a long-form mix. If you have a favourite mashup from ZooFights, do let me know.

There is a full-on concept mashup album in the works, currently 82% complete, which will also turn up here with the artwork and other ephemera. The original plan was one track at a time, then collated as an album. Latest rethink is to leak a few tracks one at a time, generate some interest, then make the whole album available to download across a variety of channels.

There are works planned beyond these, including The Difficult Fourth Album, but let's not get ahead of ourselves.

As ever, superior efforts can be found here:
The Kleptones, DJ Earlybird, Mighty Mike, Party Ben, The Reborn Identity

Please expect a substandard variation on their work available here somewhen.