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Friday, 1 June 2012

Two mashups featuring the Beastie Boys

Porc Rump 

Moby 'Porcelain' (Clubbed To Death version) v Beastie Boys 'Shake Your Rump'

(c) Mute 2000, Capitol 1989
Written by Richard Melville Hall, Ernest Gold, Adam Yauch, Mike Diamond, Adam Horowitz, Harvey Scales, Keith Caesar, Sharon Green, Jeff Miree
Arranged by IronicHide

Fight (For Your Right) To Fight

Public Enemy 'Fight The Power' v Beastie Boys '(You Gotta) Fight For Your Right (To Party!)' v Public Enemy 'Party For Your Right To Fight'

(c) Def Jam 1987, 1990

Written by Carlton Ridenhour, Hank Shocklee, Eric Sadler, George Clinton, Gary Shider, Bernie Worrell, Bobby Byrd, Bob Marley, Eddie Hazel, Michael Hampton, James Brown, Sly Stone, Aaron Hall, Damion Hall, Mick Box, Trevor Bolder, Phil Lanzon, Bernie Shaw, Russell Gilbrook, Gabriel Jackson, Rick James, Tony Hester, Bill McGee, Joey Robinson, Sabrina Gillison, Adam Yauch, Mike Diamond, Adam Horowitz, Rick Rubin, Tom Crushman
Arranged by IronicHide

Free MP3 download: IronicHide - Fight For Your Right To Fight.mp3

Hello again, long time no blog. Well, ZooFights is kind-of in swing again. Sort-of. A bit. Which means, maybe, a little, somewhat, I've gotta dust off the digital versions of my music library and ruin them for everybody. It's a terrible compulsion.

Anyhow, I've not got near to doing all the stuff I had planned to do between ZooFights tournaments. I didn't finish the super secret concept album. I didn't start the next super secret concept album.

I've also taken a fistful of requests (none of them were "Stop") and had wanted to oblige a few of those on here.

Instead I just ate sandwiches, went to work, looked at clouds. Whatevs.

So, yes, MCA, otherwise known as Adam Yauch has, unfortunately, recently, died. I don't want anybody thinking that knocking out two Beastie Boys mashups is my way of riding on such publicity. Neither am I going to be mawkish on here. Over on ZooFights, there was a fitting tribute to Yauch and, by turn, these mashups are part of that.

But please consider them one step removed. These are just two mashups I made because I was soundtracking a fight involving three killer whales that were sort of like the Beastie Boys.

The Moby track, as noted, is Rob Dougan's remix. It's got a bit more power and flow and, honestly, doesn't effing drag on as much as the album version.

Seriously, I remember being at university when every mouthbreather out there was just playing the original over and over again. It was like being stuck in a hotel lift while trying to write essays.

Although I had worked on acapellas from both tracks by Public Enemy, I used scaffolds of the originals to synchronise them with the Beasties. Then, as I've done before, I just kept the scaffolds. This time, however, I reduced the volume on them and boosted the acapella, so there's a totally different level mix going on.

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