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Tuesday, 7 August 2012

The Tiger Touch - Stan Bush v Survivor

Stan Bush 'The Touch' vs Survivor 'The Eye Of The Tiger'
Written by Stan Bush, Lenny Macaluso, Frankie Sullivan, Jim Peterik; Arranged by IronicHide
(c) Scotti Brothers 1984, 1986

Stop me if you've heard this one before. But you haven't heard it all.

I made a shorter version of this track, using the acapella from Survivor and bits from Stan Bush's song from the 1986 (animated, superior) Transformers movie, back when I was ruining music every day for ZooFights 6. It was stapled on to the end of a separate mashup I'd made using the opening instrumentation from 'Eye Of The Tiger' and the original Transformers theme tune just to give this guy an intro tune of adequate length.

This version, made for all those Transformers fans headed to Auto Assembly 2012, tacks on the second and third verses and choruses from Jimi Jamison, which I had used in another mashup I've never been happy with (there are many), over a revised loop from Bush.

There's another, smaller tweak in there, at the end of the second chorus with a false-fade to the music before the drum break from the eighth bar of the intro kicks everything off again.

It's also the first thing I'm sticking up here in a series of revisions I'm making to all the ZooFights mashups made in delirious haste last year. If you head over to my tindeck account, you'll find them all but I'm not happy with many of them and will be rejigging some of them as 'deluxe' versions. The plan, then, is to collate a variety of the ZooFights 6 mashups in to a soundtrack proper.

I tend to think of my tindeck profile as a sketchbook while my soundcloud or lastfm profiles are a little more like a semi-proud dumping ground I would prefer to be judged by.

The deluxe versions will definitely go up on tindeck but I'm not sure where the soundtrack set will go. My thinking at the moment is lastfm. But then, nobody loves me on lastfm.

There will also be a longform mix on mixcloud with lots of other exclusive mini-mashes from the '80s to segue it all together. I'm having a lot of fun putting that together but it is taking a long while to do so. Your patience with my crap is always welcome, so I'm just gonna ask for more.

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